These Are Things That Make Cowboy Hats Become Iconic

A hat is a part of everyone’s fashion culture. It’s not just protecting our heat from the elements, but it’s also a part of fashion. From time to time, the design of hats changes greatly. That’s why each era has its own type of hat. However, despite the fact that the old-west era has long gone, some people still admire the design of cowboy hats. Those people love to buy and collect cowboy hats and even make their own custom cowboy hats.

There are actually some things that make this type of hat becomes iconic, such as:

The cowboy movies and storybooks

There are a lot of people who grew up with cowboy movies and storybooks a few decades ago. In movies, we can clearly see the heroic cowboys fight against villains while wearing their manly-looking hat. Aside from that, picture storybooks that tell stories about cowboys for children also showed that cowboy always wears their iconic hats for all occasions, especially during their dangerous adventure. This is also the core of the cowboy-loving culture today, and this makes people love the hats too.

It’s featured in video games

Even back in the 80s when arcade and Nintendo games are famous, there are a lot of games that represent the old-west culture and stories. Therefore, people who grew up with such games definitely love to wear cowboy hats for the right occasion and place. Furthermore, thanks to the latest “next-gen” cowboy game, more people are attracted to learn about the old-west culture, thus, making them love things that related to that era, including the cowboy hats that worn by characters in old-west video games. It’s only looking cool for the protagonist, but even the villain characters look cool when they wear their cowboy hats.

Riding a horse to the sunset is the dream of some men

Some men want to drive a luxurious car, some men want to hold the hand of the women of their lives, but some men, some eccentric men, just simply want to ride their trusty horse to the sunset. Even those who work with horses might fantasize about riding a horse while chasing a moving train, at least once in their lives. The dream of riding a horse in the era where machines can be ridden can become stronger, due to people tend to live in places that far away from animals, so that’s why people who admire old-west culture love to have things that related to cowboys, especially the hats that can be seen in movies and video games.